Taxmanager is an advisory company, providing Dutch tax services to companies – from small businesses to large multinationals – and their employees.
We focus on taxation of expatriates and other international employees, and can provide a diverse package of services including:
 - Dutch wage/income tax and social security advice
- 30% ruling applications
- personal income tax returns
- application of tax equalization arrangements
Our many years of experience, well established relationship with the Dutch tax authorities and personal approach, allow our dedicated team to provide high quality services. We set high standards on complex technical matters and provide practical solutions without compromising tax compliancy.
The company was founded by John Hereijgers, a Dutch national living in Belgium. As a tax lawyer he has been advising companies and individuals for many years through the Belgian Taxmanager BVBA. Taxmanager BV was established in 2012 to further optimize the services to our Dutch and international clients.
We are currently expanding our team with tax professionals and administrative support roles. Feel free to contact us about any opportunities for you.

Taxmanager BV
Eikenburg 3 - 5521 HZ  Eersel - The Netherlands
P.O. Box 110 - 4645 ZJ  Putte -The Netherlands
KvK 54500982